About Postimäki

The Postimäki hill has a rich history due to its position along the old King’s Road that has brought traffic and activity since medieval times. Under “History” you find a brief summary of the history of the area, and under “Owner" you can read about the association that owns the area.

Postimäki is an open air museum and a cultural heritage site in the village of Ilola, 9 km northeast of Porvoo. On the little hill you can find one of the most well-preserved side-cottage areas in Finland.

The oldest of the preserved side-cottages date back to the 18th century. In the 19th century the area turned into a typical residential site for cottagers and crofters who often got their income from handicrafts. Here tailors, blacksmiths and shomakers lived and worked, as well as women producing straw braids.

Since the end of the 1960’s Postimäki has been associated with outdoor theater, music, crafts and its coffee house. Today group guiding, visits from school classes and other public events are also part of the activities. A majority of the cottages are furnished in accordance with their past, and include a straw museum, a shoemaker’s workshop and a smithy.

For information about visits, please contact us at info(at)postbacken.fi or +358 40 675 7275.


Visiting Postimäki

In 2018 the cottages will he open during june 18 - august 31 from 11 - 17
(Tuesday-Sunday, Monday closed).

Outside of the opening hours the cottages can be opened on request. To book a guide and/or coffee, please contact us at info (at) postbacken.fi or +358 40 675 7275.

The area itself is always open, however. Feel free to visit Postbacken and e.g. eat picnic on the picturesque hill, as long as you care for the historical environment. If you are about to arrive with a large group, please inform us and make sure there is no rush at Postimäki right then.