The King's Road

The King's Road that follows the old mail route is the most important road in Scandinavia. Kings, bishops, bourgois, artists and armies have all travelled along the road.

Formerly called the Great Coastal Road or the Lower Viipuri Road, the King's Road goes all the way from the Atlantic coast of Bergen past Oslo and Stockholm to Mariehamn. From the Finnish archipelago it streches past Turku and along the southern coast to Vyborg (Viipuri) and to St. Petersburg.

Manors, homesteads and taverns were build alongside the road, and these sights make the King's Road an interesting route to travel for example by bike.

A nice day trip is the part between Porvoo and Loviisa. You may start off by visiting the old town of Porvoo, continue to the cottage dwellings on Postimäki, head east past S:t Michaels medieval church in Pernaja and finish the day at Tamminiemi in Loviisa, the manor of the merchant Alfred Björkstén that like Postbacken reflects the 19th century but from the perspective of a completely different societal class.

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